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Alderley Edge Primary School
Primary School

The Mission Statement of Alderley Edge Primary School:

An Inclusive Community of Life Long Learners

Our Aims
•We provide all children with an exciting range of experiences and opportunities to recognise their own potential in all areas, especially their creativity and skills, regardless of their needs
•We provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which not only reflects the requirements of the National Curriculum but inspires and develops children to realise their own goals
•We fully utilise all the school’s and local community’s resources to create and sustain a positive stimulating learning environment
•We promote professional relationships and respect between all the school’s stakeholders so modelling a positive attitude for our children
•We promote and maintain a positive image of the school within the Community
•We provide a secure, safe, warm and caring environment for all
•We enable children to develop self confidence and self expression so empowering them to make decisions about their learning and development and also form positive relationships
•We ensure that there is equality of access

Through all our work we aim to fulfil the outcomes of Every Child Matters so ensuring children are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

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Ashdene Primary School
Primary School

At Ashdene our children always come first.

We are proud of our school and in everything we do we consider how it will enrich the children’s learning and equip them for life today and in the future. We believe it is important to hear what they say and teach them to have the skills to make sensible choices in life to help them achieve what they aspire to and to respect the needs of those around them.

Our children are happy, secure and want to learn – which makes Ashdene a special place to be.

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which is interesting and enjoyable so that learning is as effective as it can possibly be and enables every child to experience a true sense of achievement.

We have high expectations for all our children, set in a culture of praise.

We support our children in becoming knowledgeable about learning and build up key skills so that children’s learning can be extended and they can make a positive contribution to society in the future.

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Primary School

Dean Oaks Mission Statement

Our school is dedicated to promoting life long learning and the overall pursuit of excellence.

We are committed to providing a happy, challenging and creative environment in which all of our diverse community are valued.

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Gorsey Bank School
Primary School


At Gorsey Bank, our mission is to enable

‘Learning for Life’

in a safe environment which is inspirational, fun and  nurtures inquisitive minds.

We aspire to be the very best that we can be with a reputation for excellence because we embrace change, push boundaries and take risks. Our children will be emotionally intelligent individuals who can adapt to an ever changing world.

Agreed between pupils, parents, staff and governors Summer 2014

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Lacey Green Primary Academy
Primary Academy

At Lacey Green Primary Academy, our vision is to:

provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children will be recognised and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make their best contribution to society.

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Lacey Green Primary Academy
Primary School
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Primary School

Lindow Primary School is a special place. The ethos of the school is built upon the values of genuine inclusivity, respect, positive attitude and warmth.


At Lindow, we work hard, play fair and treat each other with respect.
We ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential; we are committed to developing the whole child –
emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually, as well as intellectually.

These are our values…


We strive to achieve the highest standards in all areas for every individual

We provide a nurturing, caring environment where every member is valued

We take pride in our school

We aim to develop well rounded and confident individuals who make a positive contribution to society



Everyone associated with the school contributes to its welcoming and unique hospitality; the consequence of this is that there is an authentic feeling of unity and family within the school. We all really enjoy being part of this thriving and dynamic community.

We are very proud of our hearing impaired resource base, as we are of every child in the school. We try to cater for all children’s learning styles and strengths. We celebrate all achievements and try to be as creative as we can be. We regularly hold special theme weeks, such as Mantle of the Expert, Arts Week and Sports Week.


We provide the best education we can for every child.  Progress and attainment of every child is very carefully measured, each term every teacher meets with the headteacher to discuss each child’s progress and attainment and set targets for reading, writing and mathematics. Through exceptional assessment procedures we are able to evidence that the average amount of progress made by children at Lindow was exceptional last academic year.

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St Anne’s Fulshaw CE Primary School
Primary School

St Anne’s Fulshaw CE Primary School is the only Church of England school in the area, welcoming pupils from the local community and further afield.

Our school’s size ensures small classes and lots of individual care and attention for every child. Every member of staff knows each child well and we are proud to work in partnership with families to ensure that our children reach their full potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.
We believe that our pupils’ prospects are enhanced by a strong working relationship between parents, teachers, governors and the Church itself and we are proud of the tremendous commitment of so many people who contribute to the success of our school.
We have a proud history and connections with St Anne’s Church. To find out more please visit  www.wilmslowparish.org

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Primary School

Our School Mission Statement:
As unique individuals, we do our best in work and play, for the love of God and others.

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Styal Primary School
Primary School

Styal Primary School is a unique school in a beautiful setting where children are able to achieve their true potential through high expectations within a small, caring family environment.

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